The "Coffee Tweak" That FINALLY Eliminated the Baby Weight

I'm 53, 5'7" and Just Reached 137…
After YEARS of Being at 202!


Kelly Robuck

Mother of 2.
Soccer Girl turned Soccer Mom.
Amateur Baker.

April 26 - 2 min read.

After all those years of being "naturally athletic" I NEVER thought I would be one of those women…
I thought when I got pregnant I'd be able to pop out the baby and then my body would snap right back to its original shape.

Except that's not what happened.

Instead, my doctor watched in alarm as all the wrong numbers SKYROCKETED…

And all throughout both pregnancies I was teetering on the brink of gestational diabetes.

Even though both my boys came out healthy and strong (Thank God!) my body was never the same afterwards. The extra padding clung to me like barnacles on an abandoned ship.

And of course, that led to me being low-energy and cranky all day long.

My one source of comfort whenever I felt down was bread. Baking it and eating it. That only made the downward spiral so much worse.

And when the intimacy with my husband dried up completely - I knew it was seriously time to make a change.

I Tried Everything They Told Me to…But Nothing Worked

All my fit friends told me things like…

Drink more water

Take up running

Sign up for boot camp

​Eliminate sugar & carbs

Try this protein powder

Cleanses & detoxes

Keto, Paleo, etc.

And absolutely NONE of it worked!

I'd drop another 5 or 10 for a week or so…only for my old numbers to swing back around like a boomerang.

After so many attempts, I just felt my body getting worn out.

My joints hurt more and more…and I could hardly catch my breath after going up the stairs in my own home.

I was desperate. I knew if I didn't turn things around soon, I'd be trapped on this path for good.

I Blamed Myself for Not Making Progress like Everyone Else

The worst part was watching friends and family post their fitness updates online.

It seemed like every week I'd watch them get leaner, happier, and more confident in their selfies…while I was sinking slowly into the depths.

Finally, I sent a private message to my old friend Becky from college. We'd kept in touch on and off throughout the years and she'd always been kind and supportive towards me.

Plus she had 5 kids!! And so when she posted pictures of herself going from 211 down to 181 and all the way down to 135, I KNEW she was on to something.

And more than anything, I hoped she would tell me the REAL story behind her transformation…not like all those paid influencers online.

Sure enough, she replied immediately and told me about the "coffee tweak" she started using just a few months before.

Just like me, she had tried COUNTLESS different workouts, diets, and supplements without any luck…

But this "coffee tweak" was different - partially because it just took advantage of the natural metabolism-boosting compounds in everyday coffee.

You See, Weight Gain Has Nothing to Do With…

Restricting all the best food

How much exercise you do (or how intense)

Sugar, carbs, or even fats

​Thyroid or hormonal issues

Or even genetics and age…

Those are just convenient excuses for "health and fitness" experts selling products that DON'T WORK!

As long as we believe it's OUR fault, they can keep selling us the same junk and the same empty promises.

But now, that's to this "coffee tweak" we can break the cycle!

I know because I tried it myself and it WORKS!

This 10-Second Daily "Coffee Tweak" Has Allowed Me To…

Have my cake and EAT it too - literally

LOVE what I see in the mirror every day

Only stay as active as I want to (pretty much just slow walks on the beach…)

Keep my hubby's eyes on ME!

Escape the trap of endless workouts and diets that FAILED ME before…

Now I'm on the Journey to Lifelong Health and Happiness…

And I want to help others join me - because it's SO MUCH EASIER than we've all been told!

I've always believed in "paying it forward" when someone does a good deed for me. So now, in honor of my friend Becky…


I'm 53 Going on 25 - Join Me?

I finally feel like myself again…

I'm back in the same skinny jeans I used to love.

My husband is drooling over me like he did in the early days.

And it feels like I found the "cheat code" I had back in my teens and twenties - where I just get to live my life and still enjoy the body I want.

I thank Becky every time I see her for inspiring me and sharing the truth with me. She could have easily kept this to herself…but she didn't.

And so now it feels like the only right thing to do is to SHARE what I know now!

So please, check out the video below. It's the same one Becky showed me back then and I PROMISE it's worth the extra few minutes to watch it.

Paying it forward,

- Kelly

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